Visiting Ise

Culinary Arts Sushi Katsura Geku, a one-minute walk from Iseshi Station.
You can enjoy lost of dishes featuring ingredients from Mie Prefecture.
Please drop in for lunch or dinner when visiting Ise's tourist spots, such as Ise Shrine and Okage Yokocho.
Omiya Katsura, at the front of the restaurant, is an eat-in space where you can enjoy Ise Udon and hand-pressed sushi in a casual atmosphere.
Shigure beef rolls featuring Matsuzaka beef are popular Ise souvenirs.
   *Prices do not include tax.




Please drop in while

Please drop in for lunch or dinner, as you can enjoy famous Ise dishes,
including hand-pressed sushi and Ise Udon,
as well as Japanese spiny lobster and Matsuzaka beef.
Please drop in on your Ise journey.

Course For Dinner

You can enjoy full-course menus featuring famous Ise products such as Matsuzaka beef and seasonal ingredients.
We take our time carefully preparing every dish,
from the appetizer to the dessert.


Full-course menus from 5,000.
The 8,000 full-course menu
features Japanese spiny lobster sashimi.

A la Carte

We also offer individual dishes that make extensive use
of famous Ise ingredients.
We have a wide selection of local sakes.
Please enjoy one with our seasonal dishes.


Matsuzaka beef
yakiniku gozen (tray)

Matsuzaka beef grilled with a soy sauce-based sauce.
It has a flavor that makes you want to eat it with rice.


Matsuzaka beef
sukiyaki gozen (tray)

A rare delight. The subtle flavor of Matsuzaka beef blended with slightly sweet sukiyaki sauce.
Can also be enjoyed at lunchtime.


Assorted sashimi
*The photograph is an imageAssorted sashimi made with seasonal seafood.


Japanese spiny lobster sashimi

*Price depends on size.
*Can also be grilled with salt. Please ask.
Once you have placed your order, the lobster is taken from the fish tank and made into sashimi.
If you order sashimi, you can enjoy special lobster soup made with stock from the lobster's head.
For customers who want their lobster salt grilled, we grill them in an oven to bring out the full aroma.

Pair with local Mie sake


Matsuzaka beef grilled on skewers
One \800

Beef grilled on a skewer is recommended
for customers who wish to try Matsuzaka beef.
You'll want to enjoy it with sake.



(Comes with side dish, soup made with red miso paste)A colorful assortment centered on Mie Ise tuna that
also features sea bream, squid, and salmon.
You can enjoy seasonal fish.

Hand-pressed sushi set

(Comes with Ise , small bowl, soup made with red miso paste)Popular local Ise-Shima dish. We use tuna and sea bream
in our hand-pressed sushi.
We draw out the umami of fresh fish by marinating it
slowly in specially fermented soy sauce.
For the sushi rice we use Iga rice from Mie Prefecture, which is slightly sweet.

Mstsuzaka beef roll and Sushi set

(comes with salad, small bowl, soup made with red miso paste)It is a set of luxurious nigiri sushi and Matsusaka beef sushi roll using world brand Matsusaka beef.




Floor Map

  • カウンター席
  • お座敷席
  • 個室

All the seats are at low tables with holes in the floor,
so you can stretch your legs and relax.


Casual restaurant


  • 手こね寿司

    Hand-pressed sushi
  • 松阪牛しぐれ巻き

    Matsuzaka beef shigure rolls
  • 伊勢うどん

    Ise Udon

At Omiya Katsura, an eat-in space at the front of the restaurant,
we recommend Ise specialties Ise Udon, hand-pressed sushi,
and shigure beef rolls featuring Matsuzaka beef as souvenirs.


Restaurant name
Culinary Arts Sushi Katsura Geku
(Please see our website)
17-16 Honmachi, Iseshi, Mie 516-0074(in front of Iseshi Station)
Around a one-minute walk from Iseshi Station on the JR Sangu Line
Around a one-minute walk from Iseshi Station on the Kintetsu Yamada Line
(Near Ise Jingu Gekumae Sando (the street connecting Iseshi Station with Ise Shrine Geku))
Business Hours
11:00-15:00(last orders 14:30)
16:30-21:30(last orders 21:00)
*Other irregular holidays
Maximum size of parties
40 persons (seats at low table with holes in the floor)
*Private rooms available for groups.
Credit cards accepted
(Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners)